Q: Why is New Talents, Inc. provided at such a low cost to the artist?

A: We at New Talents, Inc. are just a few of the many people in society who believe that the music industry needs a boost in the variety of musical sounds that is being presented to the public. We are tired of turning our radio stations just to hear the same mixes of music. We believe by giving you, the artist, an inexpensive medium that is observed by the public to showcase your talents, it will force the music industry (artist, producers etc.) to step up there musical game, thus providing greater quality and variety of music.

Q: What is the cost to submit my package (music, bio and picture) to New Talents, Inc?

A: No cost to you, only cost that is associated with you the artist is a 12% finders fee, that is only applicable if given a music contract based on your affiliation with New Talents, Inc.(*note average finders fee is 20%)

Q: How long does my packet remain on New Talents, Inc?

A: Packets remain on New Talents, Inc. normally for one month, giving an artist four chances to win artist of the week, if you win artist of the week, your packet remains on New Talents, Inc. for the rest of our anniversary year.

Q: How does Artist of the Week get selected?

A: Artist of the Week selection is based solely from the votes of visitors to our web site.

Q: How do I get my picture and music placed on New Talents, Inc. web site?

A: First step is to go to our Artist Sign Up page, fill out the necessary information and print form to submit along with a copy of the music of your choice, a picture (no full body) and a short bio. Packets' should be submitted to:

New Talents, Inc.
P.O. Box  4921
Winter Park, FL.   32793-4921

Q: What happens if I win Artist of the Week?

A: When an artist wins "Artist of the Week" he/she is rewarded with a special reserved spot on our front/home page where their picture, song, and information is displayed. That artist picture and music is then placed on the wall of fame, where it will remain until the end of the anniversary year. The "Artist of the Week" winner's information will be then shopped around and made available to various record executives.

Q: Do producers access New Talents, Inc.?

A: Yes! New Talents, Inc. is a tremendous link for any and everyone seeking talented artist. Reason being it is convenient and very cost efficient.

Q: How often am I allowed to Vote?

A: Votes are limited to one vote per day.

Q: How long does the winner of Artist of the Week stay on the Wall of Fame?

A: Artist placed on the Wall of Fame will remain there until the end of our anniversary year.

Q: Can my music still be accessed if I am placed on the Wall of Fame?

A: Yes. Visitors will still be able to access music placed on the Wall of Fame.

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