It is a known fact that entertainment has been with the universe since the beginning of time and gets bigger daily. The music industry as played a tremendous role in the medium of entertainment, at a point in time it was one of the most dreamt about escape route for wealth by minorities, today little as changed. More individuals are becoming musicians with the availability of newer and better technology. What is now lacking is a medium for these musicians to get greater publicity and easier access to the mainstream executives in the business.

The purpose of the New Talents Inc. web site is to provide an inexpensive medium for the exposure of new and upcoming musicians to the world. This will give them an opportunity to be seen and heard by music producers/executives, club owners/managers and very importantly the general public. This tremendous publicity will not just be at home it will be on an international level. The New Talents web site is for new and upcoming talents seeking publicity, record deals and or performance gigs.

New Talents Inc. will also be playing a tremendous overall role in the entertainment industry by providing an excellent advertising avenue for entertainment projects, such as Club listings, Record Studios listings, Hot New Albums and very importantly Featured Weekend Spots. This will give the public easy access in obtaining information geared towards their entertainment.